Farmington Photographer

Miller Family

These are certainly 5 of my very favorite people- my brother Scott, his wife Katie and their outrageously adorable little ones. Ted and I are so lucky to live close to family, and over the past years we have spent so much time being an aunt and uncle before being a mom and dad.  These three cuties are some of the sweetest little ones, and we often say we hope Leland takes after them.

Photographing family can be tough.  These kiddos are use to seeing me and running around, being tickled, and cannonballing into the pool.  So asking them to have a little more subdue time together can be a challenge, but they did great!

Ted and I had taken them to see Incredibles 2 in the morning and after their photoshoot we joined the rest of our family for a pool party at Grandma's house.  Right before they left to go home for the night their oldest son looked at me and said, 'Aunt Caryn this was one really special day.  Movies, pictures at the park, and swimming.  I wish it didn't have to end.' And then my heart melted right there on the spot.  We love you, Miller family!

Cole Family

Sometimes when I take a look at my calendar for the month or week, I am excited for a shoot simply because I get to hang out with a family.  Yes, I will get to photograph which I always love, but I also get to know a family better that I may not spend much time with.  Photography gives me such an amazing opportunity to get to know families on a more intimate level than I would ever get the chance to do normally.  

We attend church with the Cole family and we exchange pleasant hellos and how are yous on Sunday mornings and at other church events. but getting to explore the park with their family and capture their giggles together makes our relationship so much more meaningful. I had a chance to really get to know their little ones and learn what brings out their biggest smiles.  For their oldest son I learned that thing is Star Wars and their little guy certainly adores bubbles.  

I just love how these pictures capture their family, and it is all because of how comfortable they were during their shoot.  They let themselves giggle, laugh, and cuddle.  Each person truly has a genuine affection for their other family members and it shows so clearly in these photographs.  Thank you so much for letting me capture this crazy and fun season of life with you, Cole Family!

Baligian Family

I have such a special place in my heart for big families.  I know they aren't for everyone.  My husband comes from a family of two kids and swears it was the best childhood ever, but when you come from a big family you can't help but love the chaos.  Sometimes I even miss the chaos of living in a house with nine people.  Sometimes I even hope to have all of that chaos in my own family one day (well maybe, don't hold me to that one!)  So when a family pulls up to their shoot and the kids just keep piling out of the back seat, I take a big breathe, prep my patience, and then also smile inside because it kind of feels like home.  

Ted and I have known the Baligians for the past 5 years and their family just keeps growing! Their littlest guy, Ezra, just turned one so it was the perfect time to get their gang together for some updated family photographs.  The last time they were in front of my camera was for Ezra's newborn session, which feels like yesterday!

Each of their kiddos has their own unique personalities, and that is my favorite part of shoots with big families.  I love when I get to pull each child aside for their individual photographs and just ask them a few questions about what they love.  They end up creating images that capture their personalities just because of how they light up when they talk about their favorite sports or the birthday party they went to earlier that day.  Thank you for letting me get to know and capture your gang, Baligian Family! 

Miller Family

If you can't tell, this guy is my big brother.  Which means I am lucky enough to call these gorgeous humans my family.  Every year I get to photograph their family at a new location.  This year when Amy and I chatted about their shoot she let me know that she was specifically eyeing a golden hour shoot.  She was speaking my language on that one!  We timed it perfectly and the setting sun gave us the perfect glow to capture their family.  It felt like each turn we made around the park, that we found a more gorgeous glow of light peeking out through the trees.

I have to be honest I haven't made it a big priority to time shoots around golden hour in the past.  There are usually more pressing elements to scheduling like naps, meal times, soccer practices, the list goes on and on.  But you guys- let's shoot at golden hour!  I am serious, I just love the way these photographs turned out.  It totally made me realize that shooting at golden hour needs to become a priority when possible because it gives the images such a soft, gorgeous look. 

Alright I know I just chatted a lot about the light, but also these people.  I love them.  It has been so much fun to watch these 2 little humans quickly growing into young adults.  They are outgoing and sweet and being their aunt is such a pleasure.  And I couldn't have started this business of mine without the help of Todd and Amy, through the years it feels like they have been on staff in my personal marketing department.  Thanks Miller family, I sure do love you guys!

Fox Family

I have been photographing the Fox family since I bought my first camera. They have grown with me through the years and it's amazing to see that actual growth in their little ones.  We spent some time reminiscing about their past shoots and we came back to our first shoot together when their twins couldn't even stand yet.  Now they are all-star athletes and dancers.  It is pretty amazing to see that growth and how it impacts my business, and I couldn't be more thankful for the families that have stuck with me through the changes over the years. 

I am not ready for fall to be over, and I think these pictures perfectly capture why.  The leaves have been stunning this year and the warm weather that kept rolling in was unbelievable.  I never thought I would say it, but fall is really stealing a big piece of my heart that summer always held!  These photos were taken at Heritage Park in Farmington.  It is such a great location.  It has a little bit of everything and each time I am there I am surprised by a new gorgeous spot to stop during our time together.  Fox family, thank you for growing and constantly exploring new parks with me! 

Beacome Family

A few weeks ago I celebrated the two year anniversary of Caryn Ashley Photography. Well that wasn't an entirely true anniversary.  Long before I started working full time as a photographer I managed my business on the weekends, late at night or early in the morning. It started small and grew. New clients became return clients. And from those relationships my business grew to something that required my full attention. I left my career in marketing and became a full time entrepreneur.

The Beacomes were one of the families that committed to me long before 2 years ago. Actually they helped me buy my first camera! They gave me a high school job, where I let their dog out each day after school. That was a long time ago, and after my stint as a dog walker they invested in me by letting me photograph their family's milestones. And here we are now- I no longer have to dog walk to support my business and they have 2 beautiful little ones. 

We had to reschedule their shoot when a grey Saturday rained on our first session, but the next day the sun broke and we had perfect weather. We explored Heritage Park together and enjoyed the early fall sunshine. When I see families once a year I am so surprised by how big their little ones get. I couldn't believe their oldest was already in first grade- so much to catch up on! Thanks for supporting me Beacomes, even when it meant babysitting your pup! 

Corinne- Class of 2017

I honestly loved spending the afternoon with Corinne.  She was one of those young ladies that was the perfect mix of polite, kind and funny.  Our time together made we wonder, where do high schoolers get their reputation from for being tough to be around? If they are all like her I want to hang out with them all the time! Corinne brought along her mom and little sister for the shoot and it was clear they all have the same pleasant, calm demeanor.  All combined, it was a dream of a senior session.

We wondered around Heritage Park in Farmington during our shoot and Corinne didn't flinch when I asked her to sit in the tall grass or climb onto the highest fence post.  She was even polite enough to pick the burs out of my hair when I found those after climbing into said tall grass- not my finest moment! Corinne had a clear vision for the style of her shoot and I hope these pictures exceed her expectations.  I feel so lucky that I got to know Corinne, and her senior photos have to be some of my favorite to date.  She doesn't need any good luck from me, because this girl is going to kick butt in her senior year and beyond! 

Baby Gracie

Can we talk about all of the little emotions Gracie is showing during her shoot!?  She was just a week old for her newborn session and she clearly already had a lot to tell the world!  I love when I can capture these sweet little faces during newborn shoots.  They are so unexpected, and I am typically frantically reaching for my camera to snap the photographs.  But when I do get those sweet emotions they are so good.

Gracie’s parents could not have been more excited to welcome their sweet little lady to their family.  They completely doted and loved on her in all the ways new parents do when they are thinking to themselves, this is too good to be true- this little lady belongs to us. I am so lucky that I get to share just a small piece of that joy with families, it certainly is an honor.

Williams Family

One of the benefits of my job that I never could have anticipated is how it keeps me connected to people.  I get phone calls from friends and classmates that I haven’t had the chance to connect with in years.  They mention they saw my photographs somewhere on social media and we schedule a shoot.  And just like that we are wondering through the park together getting caught up. 

The Williams are one of those families.  They wanted to get together with their whole family to commemorate the birth of their first grandchild with pictures of their whole family together.  We had such a great time.  I loved watching their adult children subtly pick on each other and laugh together- it felt just like my family! Thanks for letting me capture this exciting time for your family with you, Williams!

Solon Family

These pictures are from a sweet Sunday afternoon shoot on Father's Day.  I met Lennon and her parents at Heritage Park in Farmington to capture a few pictures in honor of Lennon's first birthday.  Shooting on the holiday really reminded me why I became a photographer.  It is such an honor to capture pictures that will be cherished for a lifetime by a family.  While I never want to speed up time, it is fun to think that one day when Lennon says 'I do' a few of these pictures just might make their way into a slideshow or onto a memory table.  And thinking about that makes me feel so honored to capture these memories.

Little Lennon was all smiles during her shoot.  She wandered around the park and explored to her heart's content while we just tried to snap a few of her genuine smiles.  It was clear that her mom and dad absolutely love the new addition to their family, and they interacted in such a sweet and loving way.  And let's all be honest, it doesn't hurt when your family is this stylish on top of everything else.  It was a good, good shoot.  Happy first birthday, Lennon!