Little Ones

Hoback Family

It is officially that time of year when I make a bold attempt at catching up with all of my editing from the past year! Phew! During the fall I do so many shoots and I know the most important thing is making sure my clients get their photos back in a timely manner.  So, sometimes blogging and social media posting take a backseat and I just power through editing all day long.  So now I get to go back and relive some of the fun from 2017! 

How pretty is this barn session with the Hoback family?! I absolutely love this setting at Rochester Hills Museum at Van Hoosen Farm. Not only is it gorgeous but it is also the perfect space for little ones to explore.  With a barn, river, trails and bridges there is plenty to keep us occupied and always something new to check out.  These big brothers certainly love their little sister, and they were quite confused when she didn't want to hang out and explore with them.  She was attached to mom and dad, and was content to spend the afternoon with her parents while her brothers ran around and explored. 

Thank you for letting me capture these memories with you, Hoback Family! I hope you cherish them for years to come! 

Bonnette Family

This little lady was so ready to celebrate Christmas! We started the shoot out with Charlie in her pajamas, which if you think about it is really how every shoot should start.  She showed me all the ornaments on her Christmas tree and a few of the presents that had been wrapped early.  Watching little ones during the holidays makes everything so much more magical, don't you think?

Charlie did eventually change out of her pajamas, which was much easier for her than it is for me on a typical Saturday! This lady was all giggles and made our time together so much fun.  I have gotten to watch Charlie grow up since her newborn session and it has been so much fun to see her personality grow.  She is talkative, silly and kind.  She taught me a few new songs and was constantly on the look out for the big bad wolf while I had my face buried into my camera.  

This was such a fun way to kick off the Christmas fun.  I hope you have a wonderful Christmas together, Bonnette Family.  Thank you for letting me be a small part of your celebrations!

Timmington Family

Oh goodness I love this family.  Last year the pastor at our church came to us and asked us if we would be interested in leading a small group with this couple. Our answer was immediately, yes! We have been so thankful for them over the past year.  Kim is one of the kindest friends, and I am constantly reminded how thankful I am for her friendship.  She lifts us up in prayers, plans service opportunities for our group, serves at church and always shows up as such an amazing friend exactly when I need it.  Jeff and Kim's story is such an inspiration and I could go on for days about how having them in our life is such a blessing. 

But, back to the pictures! These two anxiously anticipated buying their first home, and when they finally got to move in we celebrated with a photo shoot! I love that they will always have these pictures to remember this exciting stage of life.  And you have heard me talk about it before, but I just love lifestyle sessions and how they really capture who you are as a family and the space that is home for you. 

Sam and Mae did such a great job at their shoot. They got the chance to play together, cuddle with mom and dad, and thankfully Ted was there to keep the laughter coming ;) Just knowing this couple and how much this home means to their family has quickly made this one of my favorite sessions.  We can't wait to make lots of memories with you in your new home, Timmington Family!

Petersen Family

This shoot will go down as one of my favorites of the entire summer! Mark is one of Ted's best friends and he was a groomsman in our wedding.  Because of life and distance I didn't get to spend a lot of time with Mark and his family while Ted and I were dating, so it has been so much fun getting to know them over the past 4 years and seeing why Ted adores their family so much.

We got the chance to vacation with them when Ted and Mark decided to run a triathlon together on Old Mission Peninsula. Yes they are crazy and dedicated- and us girls just did our best to get there on time and cheer them on!  We rented the coolest house across the bay on the Leelanau Peninsula and spent a week enjoying Lake Michigan together.  The water in front of the house was loaded with Petoskey stones so many hours were spent scouring the beach for the prettiest ones.  We explored wineries, cooked delicious meals, enjoyed slow mornings with lots of coffee, and shopped at the local farmers market. It was one of my very favorite weeks of the summer. 

I loved that we were able to do their family pictures while we were on vacation.  The girls had so much fun, so I can't help but think how special it will be for their family to look back on these pictures for years to come and remember that wonderful vacation. Not to mention, when you rent a house this beautiful you certainly take advantage of the photo backdrop it provides! Thanks for a wonderfully relaxing week, Petersen family, you are awesome travel buddies! 

Miller Family

Sometimes when I show up at a session I have no idea what to expect. I have only e-mailed back and forth with the client and the most information I know about them is what city they live in and how old their little ones are.  This was the case with the Miller family! And it is so fun to see how much you can learn about the family in one hour together.  You leave feeling like old friends!  When I met up with the Miller family we realized we knew a whole bunch of the same people, both loved traveling and I even got to meet their pup at the end of our shoot.

Booth Park in Birmingham is such a great place to shoot with young families.  Everything is condensed so we don't have to do a whole bunch of moving around to get varied backdrops. The park is typically relatively quiet once you get away from the playground, and there are nearby bribing options (a.k.a ice cream shops) if your children are old enough for that! I am so not above bribing! There are also usually plenty of ducks, squirrels and birds around to keep kids interested in exploring more of the park.  

Little Jack was one of the smiliest little guys I have ever photographed.  If I sang the ABCs he smiled all the way from A to Z.  He couldn't stop laughing if I put his shoe on my head and he was wasn't shy at all.  I have to say the happiest he was was when his puppy joined us.  He adored his dog and it was so funny to see the two together.  His puppy just sat patiently next to his baby and Jack just wanted to hold his puppy's tail.  His puppy didn't bark or move once, he just let the little guy go ahead and hold onto his tail! So sweet! Thank you for letting me into your family to capture these memories, Miller family!

Tapping Family

I love that because of my job I get an excuse to catch up with friends!  Chris, Lindsey, Ted and I all went to college together.  During college Lindsey and I were in the same sorority, Chris and I went to summer school together, and we all vacationed together in Key West.  With two babies, crazy work schedules and living on the opposite side of town we don't get to see the Tapping family as much as we would like to.  So photo shoots are our guaranteed time to catch up! 

I posted about wanting to shoot in a sunflower field this summer and Lindsey jumped at the chance. They were troopers as we ran through the field on a hot summer morning.  Their little ones playfully explored and we had so much fun switching up their location for family photos this year and getting some unique shots. 

The best part of the shoot had to be Ethan and his chocolate chips.  We promised Ethan that if we spent a little bit of time loving on his little sister he could have a few chocolate chips.  He was handed a few, the bag of chocolate chips was tucked away into the backpack, and the rest of us focused on getting pictures of little Emma while he enjoyed his treat.  We looked back a few minutes later to find Ethan had gotten into the entire bag of chocolate chips and was having a dessert feast! Luckily his photos were over so we didn't have to worry about his chocolate mustache! He is a smart little guy, he knows that modeling can be hard work and always deserves a treat at the end!  Thank you for letting me capture these memories with your family as you grow, Tappings! 

Pagel Family

Each Sunday morning I see these three little cuties walk in and out of church.  And you know, I do the typical adult thing- a little smile, whisper to my husband, "isn't that just the most adorable little family ever", and then I go on my way.  I have worked with their momma on a few projects at church, but mostly we just e-mail back and forth without chatting much.  So when she e-mailed me a few months back and said she would like to get some family photos done I was so excited.  I couldn't wait to get to know their family better and to photograph those 3 sweet little faces that I see parading into church together each Sunday. 

Our session did not disappoint!  These girls each have their own personalities and it was so much fun to see each of their unique characters play out during our time together.  One super girly chatting about bows and sparkles, one ready to take the lead and run down the path and get a little dirty, and the youngest with a big personality and believing with every part of her that she makes all the decisions :) I feel ya on that one sister, I sure know how that youngest personality thing goes! 

I have to say that my very favorite part of the shoot was watching how Hannah and Eric parent together.  I know it sounds kind of deep, right?! But so often photoshoots can be a stressful event for families, and that is not what I want!  I want them to be a time when your family can play and laugh and just enjoy time together.  I want you to get into the car and think well that was easy, now let's go get donuts to celebrate!  So it is so encouraging when both parents want to be at the shoot.  And they take care of each other's needs and the needs of their little ones without even thinking about it.  And that is exactly what Eric and Hannah did.  So thank you for making the shoot so enjoyable for me! I hope you had as much fun as I did, Pagel family!

Eldridge Family

I had a chance to meet these two little guys last summer when they were in town visiting, and we did a big cousin picture for their grandparents.  In all of the chaos that comes along with cousin pictures, I didn't really get to spend much one on one time with these two little guys.  I was so happy when their sweet momma contacted me and asked if I was available for some family pictures.  Their family has recently moved back to Michigan, so it was fun getting to chat with them about the adjustment and be able to capture a few image of this new chapter of life for them. 

We met at Booth Park in Birmingham on a very rainy Thursday morning. Luckily, the rain cleared about an hour before our session and the clouds provided the perfect blanket from the summer heat.  As long as we avoided all of the puddles, we were able to explore the park and had the whole place completely to ourselves!  These little guys didn't seem to mind having me tag along for their family adventure.  They were both so outgoing, willing to sit in front of the camera all by themselves, and each little guy displaying his own personality for the pictures.  This family truly loves being together and it was such an honor to capture the love they share.  Welcome to Michigan, Eldridge Family!

Faley Family

The Faleys are one of those amazing families that allowed me to start capturing their family's memories years ago, before I had a website or a business e-mail address.  They believed and supported my business when I was working full time in marketing and squeezing in shoots after working my 8 hour days and on the weekends when I wasn't traveling for my other job.  They helped me get this business off the ground and for that I will always be grateful.  They were also not a family of 5 back then!  They have added a little lady to their family since the last time we were together and oh my goodness is she sweet. 

I met the Faleys at Milford Central Park for their session.  We spent some time photographing their entire family together and we ended our session with a cake smash to celebrate their little lady's first birthday.  The Faleys made our time together so easy and enjoyable, as we wondered around the park, they piled up and giggled together, and of course ate an entire cake to celebrate another successful bunch of family pictures!

My favorite part of our session was watching how protective and loving this big brother and big sister are towards their littlest sister.  They held her hand, made faces behind the camera to help get her genuine smile, and they helped her eat her first birthday cake after her cake smash photographs!  Okay that last one might have been just because they love cake, but they let her eat as much as she wanted before they dove in, so I have to say that is true love!  Thanks so much for letting me be apart of these memories with your family, Faleys!

Baby Colin

Welcome to the family Colin Richard!  This family was waiting to be surprised to see if they would be adding another brother or a sister to the family, and Colin made 3 boys! Whoa! Kyle is my older brother, and he grew up with 2 boys directly above him in our family, so I have to think he and Colin will have a special bond.  Both knowing how it feels to be the youngest of three boys right in a row.  This family is not only gorgeous but so thoughtful and caring.  We live close to them and I always look forward to date nights and stopping in to play with the boys during impromptu dinners together.  Living close to family is such a blessing for Ted and me, and living extra close to this family makes me feel particularly lucky.

Colin's older brothers Parker and Cooper are in love with anything sports related, so no doubt they are going to be so excited to be adding to their soccer team and golfing foursome. Colin is going to have to grow tough quickly to hang with this rowdy bunch!  After our family pictures Colleen let the older two boys go play in the backyard while I did newborn pictures with Colin right inside the house.  The boys still wanted to be close to the action, and kept coming over to the sliding glass door and knocking and waving to their new brother, showing him their construction tools, and yelling loud hellos through the door.  It didn't phase Colin and he slept right through their attempts to wake him up.  Trust me, sleeping through anything is going to be a wonderful trait as you grow up in a loud and crazy house, Colin!

 Thanks for always inviting me into these special moments with your family, Millers.  We certainly love you all a whole bunch!