Milford Photographer

Jack + Tara

As you might guess, as a photographer I am constantly checking the weather.  I check it weeks out from a shoot and each day leading up to a session.  Once the hourly radar becomes available I start checking that.  It might be an unhealthy habit, but it helps me feel slightly more prepared for the part of my job that I cannot prepare for.  We had Tara and Jack's engagement session on the calendar for months, and I was really looking forward to it.  After spending 2 weekends away as a guest at weddings I was excited to get back behind the camera.  Also, I had met Tara and Jack for coffee back in December and was excited to get to know them better during their engagement session.  

As I drove to Kensington it most certainly looked like it was raining somewhere ahead of me.  As I parked the car and we strolled through the park the prettiest, dark blue clouds started to roll in.  I love photographing in the soft light and was excited to wander the park with Tara and Jack without having to worry about harsh sun or shadows.  We finished up at one location and I had a spot in mind I wanted to try on the other side of the park.  We hopped in the car and moved locations, and as soon as we started shooting at the new location the clouds opened up and the rain came!  Jack and Tara laughed at the situation and just carried on with their pictures.  They walked, hugged and twirled in the rain and I have to say the change in the elements just made for a little bit more romance in their already amazing session.

After their engagement session I was certainly convinced that these two are my kind of bride and groom!  Jack could have Tara laughing in about 3 seconds, and it was a genuine, make your cheeks sore smile.  Another trait I loved about this couple is even as I would say "I know this might not feel totally natural" they were ready to go, willing to try something new and laugh their way through it.  As we chatted I also started to notice they have a mutual respect for one another. Niether one of them dominated the conversation, rather they played off of each other filling in any gaps or questions as they came. It was refreshing and made our time together so enjoyable. Tara and Jack, I cannot wait to photograph your fall wedding.  Happy planning!

Faley Family

The Faleys are one of those amazing families that allowed me to start capturing their family's memories years ago, before I had a website or a business e-mail address.  They believed and supported my business when I was working full time in marketing and squeezing in shoots after working my 8 hour days and on the weekends when I wasn't traveling for my other job.  They helped me get this business off the ground and for that I will always be grateful.  They were also not a family of 5 back then!  They have added a little lady to their family since the last time we were together and oh my goodness is she sweet. 

I met the Faleys at Milford Central Park for their session.  We spent some time photographing their entire family together and we ended our session with a cake smash to celebrate their little lady's first birthday.  The Faleys made our time together so easy and enjoyable, as we wondered around the park, they piled up and giggled together, and of course ate an entire cake to celebrate another successful bunch of family pictures!

My favorite part of our session was watching how protective and loving this big brother and big sister are towards their littlest sister.  They held her hand, made faces behind the camera to help get her genuine smile, and they helped her eat her first birthday cake after her cake smash photographs!  Okay that last one might have been just because they love cake, but they let her eat as much as she wanted before they dove in, so I have to say that is true love!  Thanks so much for letting me be apart of these memories with your family, Faleys!

Halberg Family

It is such an honor to photograph extended families.  Over the holidays I was contacted by a whole bunch of families to see if I could photograph their whole gang while everyone was in town celebrating together.  I think it is so important that these families make it a priority to take time out of their visit to snap some pictures together.  I come from a big family, and although we are together all the time, we hardly ever take pictures with everyone in them.  And when we do get one of those pictures, it always becomes my favorite photograph of the year.  So, I am always eager to work around everyone's schedules and fit these shoots in, even if everyone is only in town for a weekend.

The Halberg family was incredible to work with.  They kept each other laughing the whole time.  I love seeing aunts and uncles love on their nieces and nephews and this was certainly the case with this bunch.  I was exceptionally grateful for their fun interactions when it came to getting smiles out of middle school boys!  All those kiddos absolutely adored Grandma and Grandpa and were eager to cuddle up with them any chance they got. It really was an honor to be a part of their family's Thanksgiving celebration, and I hope you cherish these photographs for years to come, Halberg family!

Barlage Family

I met with the Barlage family on a crisp morning in November at Kensington Park.  Jess and I grew up playing sports together and it was so fun to catch up with her and her family.  Through this job I get to see so many people that I otherwise may not have the chance to stay in touch with and it makes these shoots even more special. 

Their little guy, Cam, was basically modeling, so I can't even take responsibility for how cute these pictures are because he is just all sweetness.  We wondered through the park and he discovered ponds and birds along the way, and didn't seem to mind the crisp morning air in the least.  They brought along their pup for a few of the shots and I couldn't help but laugh when Cam tried to take him for a walk.  Their pup was basically walking Cam, and stood at just about the same height.  But Cam was fearless and held his leash as they strolled through the park together. 

It was a great morning with great people.  Thank you so much for letting me capture your family's story, Barlage Family!

Lampela Family

Some families have what I lovingly refer to as the dark hole stage.  A season of life where they have only a few iPhone photos of their kids and absolutely no photos of their entire family together.  It usually starts when your kids get to middle school.  They start sports and clubs and you have no free time to even think about scheduling family photos.  The Lampelas are right in that season and I love that they made it a priority to schedule family pictures. This is such a fun season of life and we had a blast capturing it.

We met at Milford Central Park for their photos and they brought the whole gang, even their pup!  We had to dodge a few raindrops, but you would never know it from the finished product!  My favorite part about the session is that these siblings kept each other laughing the whole time.  Their relationships were kind and caring and you could tell their house and family is one full of love.  I am beyond thankful for my siblings and our relationships, so it was fun to see these guys enjoying that relationship so young.  Thankful I could capture this season of life with you, Lampela Family! 

Margie- Class of 2017

Margie was seriously a dream to work with.  She arrived to her senior pictures a little unsure of the whole thing.  Then she opened up the back of her car's trunk and showed me the outfits she brought, we started getting to know each other, and everything fell into place.  I am in love with her sense of style and how unique her outfit choices were.  And not to mention all I really had to do was mention a certain someone's name and she broke out in the biggest smile. 

I hope I don't sound like a broken record over here, but senior pictures are seriously becoming some of my favorite sessions and this one is up there on the top of my favorites list.  It was such a carefree shoot with Margie's mom and little sisters joining us as we wondered around the park, through downtown Milford and then ended up on Walled Lake just as the sun was setting.  I got into the car to head home after her session and could not wait to get started on editing the pictures- I knew they were going to be stunning.

The reason the finished images are so stunning is because of Margie's kindhearted, easy going personality.  She didn't take herself too seriously and would naturally fall into the most beautiful poses.  She is one of those ladies that just doesn't realize how absolutely stunning she is, and that type of humility is hard to come by.   She is going to rock out her senior year and beyond, and the next time I see her family for a family session I cannot wait to hear about all of the excitement in her life.  Congrats, Margie! 

Ells Family

I posted a little version of this story over on my Instagram page (I am @caryn_ashley over there,) but I had to share here, too.  I photographed the Ells family 5 years ago.  Their kids were much smaller and didn't look like stunning young adults yet.  When they showed up for their shoot this year I hardly recognized them. We quickly started reminiscing about their last shoot and couldn't help but laugh when we remembered there were some tears shed during that shoot.  Their youngest son wasn't agreeing with the shoes mom chose for the shoot and he let us know.  I loved that we were able to laugh about it together now, and I loved that there were no tears this year!  I get to share in the good, and sometimes the very real, moments of life with families and it is all such an honor. 

These family photographs are commemorating that their oldest son is heading off to college this year.  Such a great idea to get family pictures taken before he moves out and gets started at school.  We met at Milford Central Park and had to dodge a few minutes of rain that settled in right when we reached the back of the park before finishing their shoot.  I have to say these teenagers are some of the kindest I have met.  They joked together and didn't even mind when I made them hug in real close.  Thanks so much for the laughs, Ells Family!

Samantha- Class of 2017

Samantha and I met for her senior pictures at Milford Central Park.  Which if you have been following along on here, you know is one of my favorite places to shoot.  I love the mix of gorgeous wooded areas, the river and bridges, and the urban backdrops that are a quick walk away in downtown Milford.  I feel like I have spent more weeknights over at the park than at my house these past few weeks and I am loving it.

Anyways, not only was the location perfect, but Sam totally rocked her session and we had so much fun the whole time. She made conversation easy, she was up for anything (even when I asked her to happily splash around in the river,) and was passionate about her athletics and high school teams.  My heart melted a little as I slowly started to realize that Sam really reminded me of myself when I was her age.  She also shared with me that she was interested in becoming a photographer after college.  I would have said the same thing at her age, and was happy to share some tips with her as to how she can start working towards that goal right now.  If Sam in front of the camera is any insight into how she will be behind the camera she will be on the fast road to success.  Happy senior year to you, Sam!

Cregar Family

I have been photographing a whole bunch of little ones for their first birthdays lately.  It absolutely amazes me, how outgoing and sweet all of them are.  Bretton was no exception! He showed up with the biggest smile on his face and it didn’t fade the entire time we were together.

Bretton’s mom and dad were troopers too.  We had to have met on one of the hottest days of the summer.  Clearly it didn’t faze them since they look amazing in every picture!  I am so spoiled because I get to watch parents as they giggle and play with their little ones, and then capture the joy in their family.  The Cregars had a whole lot of love and joy between the three of them.  Thanks for letting me capture that for your family, Cregars!