Sirhan Family

I love when clients become friends.  The Sirhan family is certainly one of those clients.  I started photographing them last fall and I have had so much fun getting to know them during our sessions throughout the year.  Each time I see them it is like reconnecting with old friends.  What makes spending time with them even more fun is watching their family grow! They recently added a new little lady to their family and I could not be more excited to share these images of her with you.  

Big sister Emma was so great with Ava and gently held her and kissed her the whole time I was over at their house.  When we let Emma know that her pictures were done and she could go play she would hang out downstairs for a few minutes, and then I would hear her say," where is Caryn, where is Ava?"  She would wander upstairs, check on us, and then when she realized she wasn't missing anything too exciting she would head back downstairs to keep playing.  She certainly loves her little sister, and I can see the two becoming the very vest of friends over the years! 

These four share so much love in their home and it is such an honor to be able to be a part of capturing that.  Enjoy all of the cuddles, hugs and giggles, Sirhan family! 

Baby Colin

Welcome to the family Colin Richard!  This family was waiting to be surprised to see if they would be adding another brother or a sister to the family, and Colin made 3 boys! Whoa! Kyle is my older brother, and he grew up with 2 boys directly above him in our family, so I have to think he and Colin will have a special bond.  Both knowing how it feels to be the youngest of three boys right in a row.  This family is not only gorgeous but so thoughtful and caring.  We live close to them and I always look forward to date nights and stopping in to play with the boys during impromptu dinners together.  Living close to family is such a blessing for Ted and me, and living extra close to this family makes me feel particularly lucky.

Colin's older brothers Parker and Cooper are in love with anything sports related, so no doubt they are going to be so excited to be adding to their soccer team and golfing foursome. Colin is going to have to grow tough quickly to hang with this rowdy bunch!  After our family pictures Colleen let the older two boys go play in the backyard while I did newborn pictures with Colin right inside the house.  The boys still wanted to be close to the action, and kept coming over to the sliding glass door and knocking and waving to their new brother, showing him their construction tools, and yelling loud hellos through the door.  It didn't phase Colin and he slept right through their attempts to wake him up.  Trust me, sleeping through anything is going to be a wonderful trait as you grow up in a loud and crazy house, Colin!

 Thanks for always inviting me into these special moments with your family, Millers.  We certainly love you all a whole bunch!