Paint Creek Trail

Izzy- Class of 2017

Izzy has one of those personalities that just bubbles over from the moment you meet her.  When she pulled into the parking lot for her shoot, she bounced out of her car and walked right over and gave me a big hug rather than a timid hand shake.  From that moment I knew we were a good match.  As she showed me her outfits she exuded confidence and self assurance, traits that aren't easy to come by as a teenager.  

We wondered along the Paint Creek Trail in Rochester for her session and the fall weather was just perfect.  As we walked and snapped pictures, Izzy shared about her plans to study speech pathology in college and let out the biggest smile every time I mentioned her boyfriend's name.  The conversation was easy and the smiles were genuine. 

When I got home and started to edit the pictures I fell in love with them. I felt like Izzy displayed her true personality the whole time so the images really capture who she is as a person.  She was full of laughter and style, she was spunky and outgoing and I think these pictures are just that.  Thanks for sharing these memories with me Izzy, it was a pleasure getting to know you. 

Luke- Class of 2017

Luke was such a pleasure to work with.  He was kind and made conversation easy.  And then he got in front of the camera and he totally rocked his session.  So all thanks to Luke, because he made a nice easy start to my Sunday morning that weekend.  This was the first time I photographed a senior along the Paint Creek Trail in Rochester and I fell in love with it.  The park has such a nice mix of backgrounds and paths.  For Luke's last outfit we headed downtown for a little more urban feel. The mix of outfits and locations was perfect and I think I have a few new all time favorite images in this bunch.

During his session Luke joked around with his mom that she only has pictures of his older sister up around the house, but after seeing these she is going to have to make a wall of just Luke's pictures.  I don't know how she will pick favorites, I know I can't!  Luke is her youngest and he is hoping to head to college out of state, so it might end up being the biggest wall in her house, too!  It really was a pleasure getting to know Luke and capture his genuine smiles.  I'll be keeping my fingers crossed as those college acceptance letters start to come in!