Marli- Class of 2018

I am still playing all of the catchup over here on blog posts from 2017, and I love it! It is so much fun to relive so many of the incredible sessions from the past year.  Up today is Marli's senior session.  I had so much fun working with Marli.  She brought her sister and her mom to the shoot and they were absolutely hilarious.  They were cracking me up the whole time.  Sometimes having a crowd can be nerve-wracking for seniors, but for Marli it was the perfect way to keep her smiles natural and fresh. 

I love Marli's style.  The way she added accessories like hats and jackets to her outfit is another great way to keep the pictures fresh and natural.  We started Marli's session at Maybury State Park and ended in downtown Detroit. I love how the lights started to come out during the end of our time together.  These are some of my favorite photos from the session, and they make me want to shoot even later into golden hour more often!  With an infectious smile, outgoing personality, and boundless confidence, I can't wait to hear about all of the amazing places life takes you after graduation, Marli! 

Brooke McDonald

Brooke absolutely rocked her senior session.  We met at Maybury State Park just as the sun was setting and the sky melted into the perfect fall golden hour.  As we explored the park I noticed that Brooke carried herself with a confidence that most teenagers don't have yet.  She was totally comfortable in her own skin and I couldn't get over what a natural she was in front of the camera.  And while I name off a few more compliments- can we talk about her style?! I kind of wanted to steal each of her outfits for my own closet! 

My favorite part about my time with Brook was chatting with her about high school.  She was just as beautiful on the inside as she was on the outside, and her sweet personality showed through in each of her stories. Brooke was such a great story teller and I loved hearing all about her sports, high school activities and school trips.  Brooke recently went to Spain on a school trip- how cool is that?!  She chatted quickly and personally with me about funny stories and anecdotes from high school, and it was so much fun to just enter into her life during our time together. Brooke, with your beauty, confidence and outgoing personality you are going to do some amazing things after high school! Best of luck in the future!

Riley- Class of 2018

If we haven't had a shoot together, let me explain to you how each session starts.  We meet one another, typically for the first time actually meeting in person, and then we spend a few minutes getting to know each other.  From there I let clients know what they can expect from the session.  I let them know that it may take a few minutes for them to get comfortable in front of the camera, but that is okay, it happens to everyone.  From there we start shooting and within 10-15 minutes clients have loosened up and are ready to take the photos they will really love.  The ones that are comfortable and natural.  

Well, that is not how it went with Riley!  I let her know that it was okay to feel a little unsure at first, but that feeling would go away.  And right there, first shot, I was like dang girl, we don't have to worry about those 10-15 minutes we usually take to get comfortable!  She was instantly comfortable in front of the camera and naturally posed, smiled and giggled her way right through her session.  I later learned that she is on the cheer team and does theater at her high school, so that might explain how comfortable she was!

We spent our evening together in Detroit, doing parts of her session at both Belle Isle and the Z Parking Garage.  Both are such incredible locations and I loved all of the unique spots we were able to find to help showcase Riley's personality.  Can we talk about those skyline views at sunset with her sassy attitude- absolutely my favorite photographs from her session! Thanks so much for letting me be a part of celebrating your senior year, Riley! 

Izzy- Class of 2017

Izzy has one of those personalities that just bubbles over from the moment you meet her.  When she pulled into the parking lot for her shoot, she bounced out of her car and walked right over and gave me a big hug rather than a timid hand shake.  From that moment I knew we were a good match.  As she showed me her outfits she exuded confidence and self assurance, traits that aren't easy to come by as a teenager.  

We wondered along the Paint Creek Trail in Rochester for her session and the fall weather was just perfect.  As we walked and snapped pictures, Izzy shared about her plans to study speech pathology in college and let out the biggest smile every time I mentioned her boyfriend's name.  The conversation was easy and the smiles were genuine. 

When I got home and started to edit the pictures I fell in love with them. I felt like Izzy displayed her true personality the whole time so the images really capture who she is as a person.  She was full of laughter and style, she was spunky and outgoing and I think these pictures are just that.  Thanks for sharing these memories with me Izzy, it was a pleasure getting to know you. 

Luke- Class of 2017

Luke was such a pleasure to work with.  He was kind and made conversation easy.  And then he got in front of the camera and he totally rocked his session.  So all thanks to Luke, because he made a nice easy start to my Sunday morning that weekend.  This was the first time I photographed a senior along the Paint Creek Trail in Rochester and I fell in love with it.  The park has such a nice mix of backgrounds and paths.  For Luke's last outfit we headed downtown for a little more urban feel. The mix of outfits and locations was perfect and I think I have a few new all time favorite images in this bunch.

During his session Luke joked around with his mom that she only has pictures of his older sister up around the house, but after seeing these she is going to have to make a wall of just Luke's pictures.  I don't know how she will pick favorites, I know I can't!  Luke is her youngest and he is hoping to head to college out of state, so it might end up being the biggest wall in her house, too!  It really was a pleasure getting to know Luke and capture his genuine smiles.  I'll be keeping my fingers crossed as those college acceptance letters start to come in!    

Marissa- Class of 2017

Often in my job I get a peek into your group of family and friends. You share my name with the people in your life and then they call looking to schedule their own shoot. I get a chance to meet the people you do life with and I get to know you better by meeting those families.  I cannot thank you enough for that! You guys are the best! 

That is exactly how I ended up photographing Marissa. I had photographed one of her closest friends a few weeks before for her senior session.  It was fun to see how their lives are intertwined and to hear all about their plans for track meets and the upcoming homecoming dance.  It is so important to have quality friends and you could tell that Samantha and Marissa are certainly those type of friends. 

Marissa fell into her modeling groove immediately after we started her session.  She said she wasn't much for pictures, but after taking a look through her images I find that hard to believe.  She has such a stunning combination of red hair and blue eyes- so pretty! We wondered around downtown Northville, where I basically wanted to stop at every single storefront for another shot. Marissa and her mom totally kept up with my, oh I love this, let's go over here, now we have to use this wall, pace. Thanks for allowing me to capture your senior pictures, Marissa! 

Margie- Class of 2017

Margie was seriously a dream to work with.  She arrived to her senior pictures a little unsure of the whole thing.  Then she opened up the back of her car's trunk and showed me the outfits she brought, we started getting to know each other, and everything fell into place.  I am in love with her sense of style and how unique her outfit choices were.  And not to mention all I really had to do was mention a certain someone's name and she broke out in the biggest smile. 

I hope I don't sound like a broken record over here, but senior pictures are seriously becoming some of my favorite sessions and this one is up there on the top of my favorites list.  It was such a carefree shoot with Margie's mom and little sisters joining us as we wondered around the park, through downtown Milford and then ended up on Walled Lake just as the sun was setting.  I got into the car to head home after her session and could not wait to get started on editing the pictures- I knew they were going to be stunning.

The reason the finished images are so stunning is because of Margie's kindhearted, easy going personality.  She didn't take herself too seriously and would naturally fall into the most beautiful poses.  She is one of those ladies that just doesn't realize how absolutely stunning she is, and that type of humility is hard to come by.   She is going to rock out her senior year and beyond, and the next time I see her family for a family session I cannot wait to hear about all of the excitement in her life.  Congrats, Margie! 

Corinne- Class of 2017

I honestly loved spending the afternoon with Corinne.  She was one of those young ladies that was the perfect mix of polite, kind and funny.  Our time together made we wonder, where do high schoolers get their reputation from for being tough to be around? If they are all like her I want to hang out with them all the time! Corinne brought along her mom and little sister for the shoot and it was clear they all have the same pleasant, calm demeanor.  All combined, it was a dream of a senior session.

We wondered around Heritage Park in Farmington during our shoot and Corinne didn't flinch when I asked her to sit in the tall grass or climb onto the highest fence post.  She was even polite enough to pick the burs out of my hair when I found those after climbing into said tall grass- not my finest moment! Corinne had a clear vision for the style of her shoot and I hope these pictures exceed her expectations.  I feel so lucky that I got to know Corinne, and her senior photos have to be some of my favorite to date.  She doesn't need any good luck from me, because this girl is going to kick butt in her senior year and beyond! 

Samantha- Class of 2017

Samantha and I met for her senior pictures at Milford Central Park.  Which if you have been following along on here, you know is one of my favorite places to shoot.  I love the mix of gorgeous wooded areas, the river and bridges, and the urban backdrops that are a quick walk away in downtown Milford.  I feel like I have spent more weeknights over at the park than at my house these past few weeks and I am loving it.

Anyways, not only was the location perfect, but Sam totally rocked her session and we had so much fun the whole time. She made conversation easy, she was up for anything (even when I asked her to happily splash around in the river,) and was passionate about her athletics and high school teams.  My heart melted a little as I slowly started to realize that Sam really reminded me of myself when I was her age.  She also shared with me that she was interested in becoming a photographer after college.  I would have said the same thing at her age, and was happy to share some tips with her as to how she can start working towards that goal right now.  If Sam in front of the camera is any insight into how she will be behind the camera she will be on the fast road to success.  Happy senior year to you, Sam!

Cole- Class of 2017

Senior season is upon us! You guys, I seriously love this season.  As I am writing this post I am trying to pinpoint why I love senior pictures so much, and a few things come to mind. 

1.) I loved high school.  I know a lot of people disagree, and a lot of my seniors say they are so ready for college, but that was not me.  I had great friends, loved playing sports and basically thought the whole 4 years was great. 2.) After my senior pictures I started working at the studio where I had my pictures taken.  And from there I started making tangible progress towards my dream of becoming a photographer.  3.) Seniors are so much fun.  They have personality and passions and they always display that in their photographs.  So yes I think number 3 wins.  But there is always a bit of nostalgia that comes along with senior pictures and I secretly love that part, too. 

Cole showed his personality in his pictures through the location he chose- Harsens Island.  His family has a vacation home there and they have spent most of their summer weekends there enjoying the beach, boating, and in the winter just cozying up and hanging low.  It was fun to shoot at a new location and Cole was up for anything.  Even when I asked him to wade in the water on the world’s most slippery rocks and to sit on the porch of an abandoned building.  He totally rocked his session and I love the way these pictures turned out. Thanks for letting me be a part of this awesome milestone in your life, Cole!