Sunflower Field

Putman Maternity

Another sunflower session! Sunflower sessions are totally becoming an annual tradition! Maybe mini sessions next year?! Anyways, I am getting ahead of myself there. Let's chat about this cute couple below.

That lady is Ted's sister, Eve, and that baby bump is our next niece or nephew.  The weekend of this shoot was all about celebrating that little babe, with Eve's shower on Saturday and their maternity session on Sunday.  We had so much fun getting together with all of the most important ladies in Eve's life and celebrating that little babe.  Eve and I went to college together, joined the same sorority and are only one year apart in age, so all different aspects of our lives are intertwined.  It was so fun to be at her shower and get to spend time with aunts, cousins, college friends, my family, family friends, etc. Can we please have more excuses to get so many of my favorite women in one spot?!

Ted and I cannot wait to welcome this babe in our family.  We take our job as aunt and uncle very seriously.  We are all about vacations together, sleepovers, Saturday soccer games, and teaching our nieces and nephews the most important things in life- like how to make the perfect s'more or how to play euchre.  My family is overflowing with kids, but this is the first baby on Ted's side of the family so we are looking forward to transferring our favorite aunt and uncle activities to their side of the family, too. We cannot wait to meet you, baby Putman! 

Tapping Family

I love that because of my job I get an excuse to catch up with friends!  Chris, Lindsey, Ted and I all went to college together.  During college Lindsey and I were in the same sorority, Chris and I went to summer school together, and we all vacationed together in Key West.  With two babies, crazy work schedules and living on the opposite side of town we don't get to see the Tapping family as much as we would like to.  So photo shoots are our guaranteed time to catch up! 

I posted about wanting to shoot in a sunflower field this summer and Lindsey jumped at the chance. They were troopers as we ran through the field on a hot summer morning.  Their little ones playfully explored and we had so much fun switching up their location for family photos this year and getting some unique shots. 

The best part of the shoot had to be Ethan and his chocolate chips.  We promised Ethan that if we spent a little bit of time loving on his little sister he could have a few chocolate chips.  He was handed a few, the bag of chocolate chips was tucked away into the backpack, and the rest of us focused on getting pictures of little Emma while he enjoyed his treat.  We looked back a few minutes later to find Ethan had gotten into the entire bag of chocolate chips and was having a dessert feast! Luckily his photos were over so we didn't have to worry about his chocolate mustache! He is a smart little guy, he knows that modeling can be hard work and always deserves a treat at the end!  Thank you for letting me capture these memories with your family as you grow, Tappings!