West Michigan Photographer

Baby Wyatt

I have been so blessed to photograph this family since the beginning of their story.  Engagement pictures, their wedding, their first little lady and now a baby boy! As a photographer there isn't anything more rewarding than to walk through all of these seasons of life with clients. It is incredible to see how much Andy and Emilee have grown and to see how beautiful their family is! 

I met Emilee at Albion College where we spent lots of time together- from playing on the volleyball team to being members of the same sorority.  Emilee is one of the most kind hearted individuals I have ever met and I consider myself so lucky to call her a friend for all of these years.  She and Andy also met at Albion, and that has made capturing their story even more special. 

Their two little ones are simply the sweetest.  Addy has grown into quite the big sister. As you can tell from the pictures of her and baby Wyatt together, she is gentle and kind with her baby brother- something that is hard to come by in most 3 year olds!  She was so anxious to get in pictures with Wyatt and was the very best listener as she cuddled up to her baby brother.  

Wyatt was also so great for his pictures.  He cuddled right up for his session, and decided to stay asleep for the majority of our time together- exactly what we hope for at a newborn photo shoot!  From all of those smiles in their family pictures it is clear to see, you are most certainly loved, Baby Wyatt!

Bilski Family

Happy birthday, Addison!  We had way too much fun photographing Addison for her first birthday.  While she was a little unsure about me at the start of her shoot, I would like to think we ended it as best buddies.  It may not have actually been me, but rather the bubble maker that was constantly residing right behind where I was shooting.  But hey, either way, I will take these smiles! I need to get one of these bubble makers to keep with me all the time!

I was lucky enough to photograph Addison's mom and dad for their engagement and their wedding, so it was a special treat to capture this next stage of life with them.  Emilee and Andy have very clearly, happily settled into this new stage as parents.  I could not get over how much they adore their little lady, and how much she adores them back.  Their house must be on an endless circuit of big smiles, belly laughs and cuddles!  Thanks so much for letting me join in on the fun, Bilski Family!

Nik + Elizabeth

You guys I am so excited to share this one with you.  It quickly has become one of my favorite shoots to date!  I met Nik and Elizabeth in Holland for their engagement session.  We started our time together at the same spot where they met, Hope College.  From there we snapped a few pictures while exploring downtown Holland and then we finished with champagne at the beach.  Yup, you read that right, champagne at the beach!  Elizabeth had meticulously planned the details of the shoot so they would showcase she and Nik's unique style, and her vision could not have been more beautiful. 

One thing I noticed during the shoot was how well these two love each other.  They literally knew what the other person was going to say far before they said it.  They complimented each other in such a way that made the whole shoot a breeze.  I would say, 'Nik let's try looking down at Elizabeth.'  And just like that they were lost into each other and the moment. It was the sweetest, and my heart would melt a little every single time.  

Nik and Elizabeth, thank you so much for letting me share this exciting time with you.  I cannot wait to watch your plans all come together and your dream wedding unfold!