baby photographer

Norah Grace

I can't even take it with these newborn babies.  They are the sweetest creation there ever was. Norah did not make a peep her entire session.  She just slept soundly as I changed her swaddle, moved her from spot to spot, and dressed her up in headbands and tutus. 

I had the pleasure of meetings Norah's mom and dad a few months back for their maternity session.  They shared with me how excited they were to meet their little lady and welcome her into their family.  And now she is here! I loved watching these two care for each other and for little Norah during their shoot.  It is such a team effort to figure out that whole parenting thing and I love seeing husbands and wives work together to get everything done- diaper changes, feedings, burping.  It is such a new and special part of your relationship and getting to watch it first hand is so encouraging. 

Thank you so much for letting me capture this special time of life with you.  Enjoy loving on your sweet little lady! 

Baby Sophia

I have to be completely honest with you here.  Sophia may have been one of my easiest babies to photograph.  She was totally out when I got there and pretty much stayed in a deep sleep the entire shoot.  I also have to be honest, I had some awesome assistants for this shoot- Mom, Dad, Grandma and an auntie- they helped streamline everything and doted on little Sophia.  They moved props, changed Sophia and came up with some of their own fun poses.  So, what I want you to know is that I can't take all the credit for how amazing Sophia looks, because between her awesome nap skills and her kind family- it basically took a village for these photos, and I am so grateful for that. 

This little lady arrived early, so when her mom e-mailed me to say she was ready to schedule her shoot I was a little surprised.  It wasn't even her due date yet!  But, as babies sometimes do- Sophia made an early entrance into the world and thankfully she is doing great.  Mom and Dad seemed to have everything under control, and I couldn't help but watch as they lovingly passed Sophia between the two of them.  I know I have said it before, but one of my favorite interactions to watch is between a new mom and dad.  They pass their little one back and forth so gingerly, basically radiating love between the three of them.  I mean if you ever need a good dose of positiveity in your life, just watch a brand new mom and dad pass their little one between the two of them.  It is the sweetest.  

Sophia is undoubtedly already so loved.  Remember that village I was talking about?  I think they all would do just about anything for Sophia.  She is going to be so lucky growing up with that kind of love and support around her.  I am continuously grateful that I get to share in these moments with families and feel that indescribable love in their homes.  Enjoy loving on your little lady, Giannosa family! 

Baby Shea

Photographing the Barlage family is always such a treat for me.  Jess and I were good friends in high school and played volleyball and softball together.  After graduating and attending different colleges we didn't see each other much, so it has been so wonderful seeing her and her family regularly to capture this season of life with them.  

Their newest addition, Shea, totally rocked her newborn session.  And by rocked her newborn session I mean she slept the whole time and let her older brother crawl all over her.  What a champ!  Her big brother was so excited to introduce me to Shea and he wanted to be near her at all times.  Too sweet!  

Being a part of these special moments with families is something I will never take for granted. It is so encouraging for me to see the way these families adjust and welcome their newest additions with such selflessness and love.  How did I get so lucky? I will always feel so thankful to be capturing these irreplaceable memories with families.

Baby Elias

This newborn shoot was so good for my heart.  I walked into Heather and Joe's home and it was a photographers dream- beautifully decorated to reflect their family's unique style. clutter free, natural light pouring in, and a bedroom with a big bed with white linens.  All of the good things.  Not to mention, it smelled heavenly- so basically I was about to move in.  We chatted for awhile and then quickly got started on the shoot since little Elias was sleepy and clearly very ready for his time in the spotlight. This guy was an angel, and didn't make a peep until the very last set of shots, where he politely let us know he was done modeling for the morning. 

Heather and Joe doted on their little guy.  They passed him between mom and dad, giving him gentle kisses with each hand off.  They seemed to have settled into their role as mom and dad seamlessly in the week since they brought Elias home.  When I asked them to just look at their little guy, they would really look at him- just get lost in his little features and whisper to each other how in love they were with the newest addition to their family.  

During my time with Heather and Joe we started chatting about all of the things that a baby brings into your home- the toys, clothing and blankets.  I asked Heather how she kept things minimal, and she shared with me the sweetest reminder I have heard in awhile.  She said, "all he needs is to know the love of Jesus displayed through us."  Wow, powerful, huh?  In a world where we think about the registries and showers, headbands and blankets- it was such an amazing reminder.  I am not a momma yet, but one day I do hope to be one, and I hope I continue to repeat Heather's words to myself.  Because what more can we give little ones than to truely display to them the love of Jesus. 

Baby Emma

Currently we have a whole bunch of friends expecting little ones and growing their families, and it is pretty much the best.  It has been such an honor to walk through these seasons of life with those closest to me.  Being a photographer I get to spend even more intimate time with friends in these seasons- spending the whole day with them on their wedding as their photographer, capturing their family a few days after their little one is born and joining them in their homes for personalized lifestyle shoots.  It really is such an honor and these are memories I will always cherish.  

Chris and Lindsey welcomed their second child early this year, making that 2 under 2 for their family!  We captured their sweet family during a lifestyle newborn shoot a little over a week after Emma was born.  Big brother Ethan was cautiously curious during the shoot.  He wasn't sure how he felt about all of the attention being on Emma, but he was willing to give her love and spend some time quietly cuddling with her while Mickey Mouse played in the background.  If you follow along on Instagram you may have seen Ethan in my stories.  He decided he wanted to sit on my lap while I photographed Emma, and he was sure to approve each photograph on my screen before we moved to the next pose.  It was so sweet and also totally hilarious.  Thank you for letting me be a part of these milestones with you, Tapping family!  

Baby Luke

Oh you guys, can we please take a minute to talk about how cute big siblings are with their newborn baby brother or sister.  Yes, I will be totally honest that when parents e-mail me saying they would like to get some photographs done with their 1 week old and 2 year old a slight wave of panic runs through my body.  Attempting to get a 2 year old to sit still can be exhausting in itself, but add a newborn baby to their lap and who knows what will happen!  But when it goes right, it is so good! Thankfully, I have met some pretty amazing big siblings these past few months and they are willing to love on their new baby sibling for at least a few moments.

Graham was such a rock star big brother during our time together.  I first asked him if he might want to hold baby Luke and he answered with a very direct and very polite, no thank you.  Oh no, I thought.  As we talked to Graham about how important his job is as a big brother, he slowly decided that he was up for the task.  He held his brother, laid with him on the floor and kept placing his little hand right on Luke's head.  These two are certainly going to be lucky to have each other.  

The interaction between big and little brother was so sweet, and I feel so thankful I was able to capture it.  Welcome to the world, little brother Luke! 

Palazeti Family

I am going to make a bold statement here. I think I may have met the happiest baby EVER!  My older brothers always pick on me for making statements like that- this is the best pizza EVER or this is the most fun I have EVER HAD.  So I know, it sounds extreme, but Angelo couldn't stop smiling!  His sisters would squeeze him and maybe sometimes forget they were holding him and let him fall, and he would just smile right on through it all.  And it wasn't even a fake, 'guys come on, you aren't really making me do this' smile, it was completely genuine and so sweet.  So anyways moving on from my rant, but I just wanted to make sure the internet is clear that I have met the world's happiest baby ;)

Last year I actually got to photograph the gender reveal party for Angelo, so it was blowing my mind that he is already big enough to sit up on his own.  Back at that shoot, his sisters were so excited to welcome a baby into their house.  When the blue balloons came flying out of the box, it also looked like his parents couldn't wait to add a little dude to their family.  Well clearly everyone still feels the same way now that he is here! We had so much fun exploring their yard and neighborhood, what a gorgeous backdrop for photographs.  Thank you for letting me share in these big milestones with you. Palazeti Family! 

Baby Lily

I have been friends with Katie and photographing her family for a few years now.  She is one of those moms that you just have to marvel at.  She has three little ones, manages her own business and has a beautiful home that is filled with love and laughter.  She and Ted seem to juggle life brilliantly and it is is genuinely encouraging to see.  Maybe there is hope for the rest of us ;)

Lily is the first little lady in her family and has two active older brothers.  I grew up with four older brothers, so I totally feel for little Lily- she is going to have to get tough fast!  I am only slightly kidding about that.  But what I do know is that is she certainly going to be lucky to have those guys to protect and encourage her as she grows up.  I loved growing up in a house full of big brothers and I am sure she is going to feel the same.  There is something really special about that big brother little sister bond.  Clearly her older brothers are already enamored with her, and I hope that love and protective spirit over their little sister just continues to grow.  

Baby Clay

Clay was an absolute champion during his newborn shoot.  He decided that he didn't need any sleep, and he wanted to be awake to celebrate the special occasion.  Sometimes an awake newborn can make me a little nervous since they typically want to be held or fed, but not Clay!  He was wide awake to show off his little personality, but he never made a peep.  He just happily listened to the shutter on my camera click and watched the sun stream in through the window where we were shooting.  

Clay has two older siblings that I have been photographing for the past couple of years.  They patiently waited next to me as I photographed Clay and waited for their turn to get into the pictures. I love the pictures of their whole family together cuddling up on the bed, it is clear that there is a lot of love and laughter in their home and I am so glad I was able to capture a few moments of that.  Through all the chaos of gummy snacks and cookies and tickling these two cuties just wanted to hold and love on their little brother.  You are one lucky guy, Clay!

Baby Gracie

Can we talk about all of the little emotions Gracie is showing during her shoot!?  She was just a week old for her newborn session and she clearly already had a lot to tell the world!  I love when I can capture these sweet little faces during newborn shoots.  They are so unexpected, and I am typically frantically reaching for my camera to snap the photographs.  But when I do get those sweet emotions they are so good.

Gracie’s parents could not have been more excited to welcome their sweet little lady to their family.  They completely doted and loved on her in all the ways new parents do when they are thinking to themselves, this is too good to be true- this little lady belongs to us. I am so lucky that I get to share just a small piece of that joy with families, it certainly is an honor.