2017 Highlights

Oh I love making this post! The year can go by in such a blur, in a mix of scheduling and shooting, constant editing and blog post creating that I can forget how many incredible families, couples and seniors I have in front of my camera over the year! It is so much fun to go back through my shoots from the year and really appreciate all of the memories we have captured together.  Also, I love to see the transitions between seasons.  Michigan can have me cursing my weather app some days, but the sun, rain, snow and wind make for such fun and creative images.  I wouldn't want it any other way! 

This post could go on for ages, and I wish I could include a picture from every single session! But here it is- some of my very favorite highlights from 2017.  It was a sweet year, with a whole lot of growth for my little business,  I made investments back into my business, found an editing style that feels more my own, and Ted began shooting weddings with me. This year I learned the importance of working smarter and more efficiently, and taking time to rest and recharge.  2017 has been my favorite year for Caryn Ashley Photography, and I cannot wait to see where 2018 takes us! From the very bottom of my heart- thank you so much to each and everyone of you for being a part of it- I can't imagine life without this community of ours! Cheers to a happy and healthy New Year with all sorts of new memories to capture together! 

Senior Spokesmodel

I am so excited for this announcement! I started chatting with my niece, who is a sophomore in high school, about helping me out part time with my business this summer.  One thing led to another and we started chatting about starting a senior spokesmodel program- and the rest is history! I am always excited to grow my business organically and continue to make meaningful connections with others. This is the perfect opportunity to do just that. I am looking forward to creating a community that can work together and learn from one another.  

So, what is a senior spokesmodel? 

Senior spokesmodels represent the Caryn Ashley Photography brand to their classmates, friends and teammates.  Being a spokesmodel comes with a whole bunch of benefits for the high school senior, including a discounted senior session, the chance to earn valuable marketing skills and a summer income, and fun shoots and freebies along the way.  I am excited to pamper and learn from these seniors throughout the summer as they represent and share the Caryn Ashley Photography senior experience. 

Who can apply?

Any metro Detroit, incoming high school senior can apply to be a spokesmodel.  The ideal seniors are outgoing, fun, and sociable.  Spokesmodels are willing to step out of their comfort zone, feel confident in front of the camera and want to share their senior experience with their peers.

I would love to be a part of the Caryn Ashley Photography spokesmodel program! 

If you or a high school senior you know is interested in joining the senior spokesmodel team the application can be found here.  Applications must be submitted by July 6.  I am so excited to grow this team with you!

What should I bring to my family shoot?

I don't typically address this topic with clients, but as I started thinking about it, it is so important.  What do you need to carry with you during your photoshoot? We typically wander pretty far away from our cars, so we only have what we are carrying with us.  How frustrating to be carrying around more than you need or to be missing the few things that would be useful during your session.  So here we go, let's dive into the topic of what to bring with you to your family shoot. 

Pack everything into one small bag that can get tossed on the ground without fear of getting dirty.

A small snack and a drink for your little ones.  Something that isn't messy or creates crumbs, like string cheese or dried fruit works well.  You may have just fed your kiddos, but they can be absolute ninjas at getting out of photographs- and their go-to tends to be, "I am hungry.  I am thirsty." So let's just bring something just in case that complaint comes up, so we can address it and get back to the fun! 

A treat! Your little ones are working hard and staying focused, and it is okay to reward that.  Their favorite gummies work well and keep everyone mess free.  Even better- surprise them with a gummy shape they haven't tried! 

A favorite blanket. I always bring a blanket with me to shoots, but if you have a favorite blanket please feel free to bring that.  Or if you have a blanket you think will work particularly well with your outfits I would love to use yours! 

A stuffed animal or small toy.  Your child probably has a favorite stuffed animal that travels with you everywhere, and it is okay for that animal to join the photoshoot.  Just please make sure to let your child know their stuffed animal is going to spend some time with Caryn.  I will take good care of him while your little one takes their photographs and said stuffed animal might even end up doing something really silly like sitting on my head or trying out a new dance move right behind my camera! 

Men- Please take your wallet and cell phone out of your pocket.  I know, it feels natural and you may not think you are wearing skinny jeans or tight pants ;) but I can see your phone in your pocket and trust me, it isn't flattering!

Lipstick or lipgloss.  I totally get it if you love your lipstick and you haven't found that exact brand that is suppose to stay on all day, let alone for one hour- I haven't found it either! Throw it in your bag just in case you want to add some extra color! 

Leave everything else in the car!  Trust me you don't want to be lugging extra bags around the park.  We are constantly moving and the extra time to pick things up and put them down takes away from the time that you get to enjoy just being with your family.  So remember simple is best, and less is more when it comes to bringing things to your photoshoot.  Your family's smiles and interactions are all we really need to truely capture the season of life you are in.

Hiring a Photographer for a Lifetime

Hi friends! It feels like it is time to shake things up around here.  I love having the chance to share my work with you, but I also want to start sharing more of my life with you!  You are going to see a few changes around the blog in the upcoming weeks, but don't worry-  you will still see lots of full sessions and adorable photographs of the amazing families I have the pleasure of serving.  In addition to those posts you are going to see insight into my business, posts about travel itineraries and some helpful posts about preparing your family for your session.  Sound good?! I hope so, because I cannot wait to dive deeper with you all! 

So to kick off the changes in the blog, I wanted to talk about one of my favorite parts of my job- becoming a family's lifetime photographer.  What does this mean?  It means that I get to photograph your family through the years, as your family changes and grows.  Being a lifetime photographer is a choice I made when I started my business.  It is a choice I consider each year when I set my goals, and I believe it is what sets my business apart.  I want to be a photographer that is there for every step of your family's life- from your engagement to your wedding, maternity photographs and newborn session, 1st birthday cake smashes and high school graduations.  

My goal is to have your family as a client from your first session and then throughout life's changing stages.  A big goal right?  But to me it just makes sense.  You invite a photographer into life's most intimate moments, and you want that person to be someone you know and feel comfortable with.  Each opportunity we have to spend time together I get to know your family better, I learn what makes your little ones laugh or the story of how you and your husband met.  Getting to know your story better helps me truely capture it.  

So while I would love your lifetime photographer to be me, most importantly my hope is that you see the importance of a lifetime photographer.  Someone who knows your family inside and out.  Someone who loves your family and wants to be there to celebrate life's milestones with you.  Someone who can create a cohesive visual of the life you have built together that can be shared for years to come.  Finding a lifetime photographer is like opening the door to letting someone into the story that only your family shares, but my goodness it is so worth it. Because finding a lifetime photographers means being able to freeze time with someone who loves and cares about your family.