Nick + Anita

I absolutely love that I get the chance to capture Anita and Nick’s love story. Anita and I both went to Albion and played volleyball together, so getting the chance to reconnect with her has been so much fun. Anita is hilarious and I knew she would make being in front of the camera so much fun! And if Nick is marrying Anita I knew he had to be a good time, too!

I met Anita and Nick for their engagement session in Detroit. We had chatted about a few locations and I love that they decided to go with Midtown. It has such a charming feel and since they enjoy hanging out in this neighborhood it made it all the more special! The city was showing off for us this evening- with the changing leaves and the perfect setting sun. We wandered the nearby neighborhood and I just love the way the city made the perfect backdrop for these two.

So we have this beautiful little neighborhood and then we have Anita and Nick together who are absolutely perfect for one another. Like most guys, Nick was a little unsure of this whole engagement session thing. Anita had him laughing the whole time and by the end Nick was saying how much fun it was! If the sun hadn’t set I think we could have shot for another hour! Let me tell you men- I am not joking when I tell you that you will enjoy your photo session! An excuse to laugh and snuggle with your better half- yes please!

Anita and Nick, I am so excited to capture your downtown Detroit wedding next fall! Until I get to hang out with you all again I will be smiling as I scroll through these pictures and dreaming about all of the fun we will have in November!

David + Marissa

I had so much fun spending the evening in Detroit with David and Marissa for their engagement session.  We met for coffee a few months back and hit it off immediately.  They are fun loving, caring and totally in love- my kind of couple! I loved spending more time with them and getting to heat more about their story.  We started their session on Belle Isle and finished at the Z Parking lot at sunset- it doesn't get more epically Detroit than that!

These two love their pups, so of course we had to include them in the pictures.  It can always be a little comical wrangling dogs during sessions, especially when there is more than one- but these two cooperated (and I think even enjoyed all of the attention) even in the summer heat.  It was so sweet to see how much these two love and care for their pup children!

Towards the end of their shoot I was chatting with Marissa and David about the photo session.  I asked them if it was what they expected, if they felt more comfortable in front of the camera, and more prepared for their wedding day portraits.  They both shared a resounding yes for all of those things.  Then Marissa also shared that this was really the kick off to their wedding celebrations.  They had done lots of the big planning, but none of the fun celebrations had started yet.  She was excited to have something tangible to say okay it's here, we get to start celebrating! I thought that was such a fun way to look at engagement pictures.  The first time to say- wow, look at us, we are REALLY getting married!  I am already looking forward to celebrating that day with you this spring, David and Marissa! 

Matt + Liz

I met Liz for coffee a few months back to chat about her and Matt's winter 2018 wedding. The moment we sat down at our little, local coffee shop I knew she and I would become quick friends. The conversation was natural and easy- as we chatted about life, wedding planning and travel.  I was so excited when right there on the spot she let me know she would love to have me photograph her and Matt's big day.  

Last month I met up with these two at their downtown Detroit apartment for their engagement session. Matt quickly made me feel as welcomed and comfortable as Liz did at our first coffee meeting.  These two have so much fun together, and I couldn't help but notice how comfortable and safe they seemed to feel when they were close to one another.  Not to mention, I was so thankful for the way Matt offered to serve me during their session- offering to carry my bag and step stool since I have pretty much perfected my pregnancy waddle these days.  

I had such a wonderful evening exploring the city with these two.  Detroit was certainly showing off.  The setting sun, budding trees, and a city that continues to surprise me with each new restaurant and ground breaking for new buildings.  What a fun and exciting place to start your life together, and I loved being able to capture a little part of their story in the city.  Enjoy all of the planning, Matt and Liz- and I can't wait to see you say 'I do!'

JD + Lauren

I just love these two! Lauren and I were in the same sorority back in college and getting to reconnect with her during her wedding planning has been so much fun.  This time last year she and JD came over to have dinner with Ted and me and we had the best time.  Lauren has this infectious spirit that makes everyone around her feel so loved.  After meeting JD it was clear that Lauren had met her perfect counterpart.  Not only do they share the same hobbies and pastimes, but they share a love for people and both have a way of making you feel known and cared for. 

JD teaches at Cranbrook and these two actually get to live on the absolutely beautiful grounds. So basically they live in a storybook! When your clients have a backyard this pretty of course we have to take advantage of it!  We wandered around the perfectly manicured grounds and stepped inside the most picturesque library for a few shots.  These two both love reading, so it was extra fun to capture them right in their element- surrounded by books. And the library looked a whole lot like a scene out of Beauty and the Beast so basically it quickly became one of the coolest places I have photographed!

While chatting about engagement pictures Lauren and I also discussed going with a vintage travel theme.  So Lauren put together a few things to create the perfect vintage travel setup. I love the way the images of her in the fur with the suitcase and big hat turned out. I love that these two were able to show some much of their personality during their engagement shoot.  

Lauren and JD I could not be more excited to be a part of your wedding day! I think you both are pretty darn amazing, and cannot wait to see the beautiful day that celebrates the start of your forever!

Dan + Amanda

When I moved to Albion College to say I was terrified would be an understatement.  I loved being at home.  I wasn't one of those high school seniors that was counting down the days till I obtained my freedom and moved out forever.  No, my parents pretty much took me against my will to college. I am the youngest of seven kids and they had done this a few times.  They knew I would be just fine once I got there.  And to be honest I cried for approximately the first 10 minutes after they left, and then to my surprise, I loved it.  

My hall was filled with other young ladies that just wanted to hang out all of the time- from studying, eating all of our meals together, and going out- we were pretty much inseparable. I loved everything about being at Albion, especially the girls I met on my hall freshman year.  And guess what, Amanda was probably the very first person I met. The doors to our rooms were always open and we spent that year like our hall was one big house, with people moving from one room to the next to catch up, study, and hanging out. 

I could share so many incredible stories with you about Amanda. I could tell you about the time I found out she was my big in our sorority, or how she was waiting up in my room to chat with me after the first time I hung out with Ted, or how she was always at my volleyball games.  She is a true friend, and Dan is so lucky to have her.  The picture below tells the story, they met on Tinder! They swiped right and now the rest is history.  

Watching Dan and Amanda together made me so happy.  You always want to see your friends end up with someone who deeply loves and cares for them and that is exactly how Dan treats Amanda.  He made her laugh, held her hand, and told her how beautiful she looked during their shoot. Amanda's sister and niece were with us during the shoot and I have to say one of the sweetest things had to be watching Dan interact with his soon-to-be niece.  When Amanda called to tell me she and Dan were engaged she shared Dan had asked her in front her whole family at her niece's baptism.  That seemed fitting because that little lady certainly loved her soon-to-be uncle.  It seems like he is already part of the family!  I cannot wait to celebrate with these two and their family and friends next summer! 

Jack + Tara

As you might guess, as a photographer I am constantly checking the weather.  I check it weeks out from a shoot and each day leading up to a session.  Once the hourly radar becomes available I start checking that.  It might be an unhealthy habit, but it helps me feel slightly more prepared for the part of my job that I cannot prepare for.  We had Tara and Jack's engagement session on the calendar for months, and I was really looking forward to it.  After spending 2 weekends away as a guest at weddings I was excited to get back behind the camera.  Also, I had met Tara and Jack for coffee back in December and was excited to get to know them better during their engagement session.  

As I drove to Kensington it most certainly looked like it was raining somewhere ahead of me.  As I parked the car and we strolled through the park the prettiest, dark blue clouds started to roll in.  I love photographing in the soft light and was excited to wander the park with Tara and Jack without having to worry about harsh sun or shadows.  We finished up at one location and I had a spot in mind I wanted to try on the other side of the park.  We hopped in the car and moved locations, and as soon as we started shooting at the new location the clouds opened up and the rain came!  Jack and Tara laughed at the situation and just carried on with their pictures.  They walked, hugged and twirled in the rain and I have to say the change in the elements just made for a little bit more romance in their already amazing session.

After their engagement session I was certainly convinced that these two are my kind of bride and groom!  Jack could have Tara laughing in about 3 seconds, and it was a genuine, make your cheeks sore smile.  Another trait I loved about this couple is even as I would say "I know this might not feel totally natural" they were ready to go, willing to try something new and laugh their way through it.  As we chatted I also started to notice they have a mutual respect for one another. Niether one of them dominated the conversation, rather they played off of each other filling in any gaps or questions as they came. It was refreshing and made our time together so enjoyable. Tara and Jack, I cannot wait to photograph your fall wedding.  Happy planning!

Steve + Caiti

I promised myself last fall I would do more shoots during golden hour, the hour before the sun sets and the light is soft and the shadows are long.  There is something so magical about this time of day.  So first golden hour shoot of 2017- Steve and Caiti!  Michigan weather has been completely unpredictable this year, and we certainly lucked out with the weather for Steve and Caiti's engagement session.  We picked a weekend in February and decided to just see what mother nature dealt us.  Well she was so kind, because we had 60 degrees and sunshine the whole weekend!  

Caiti and Steve were looking for more of an urban backdrop and we decided to use Royal Oak, which is turning into one of my favorite places to photograph.  As I drove to the shoot I started to notice something a little unexpected along the streets.  People were dressed in onesies.  You know- the footed pajamas?!  As I got closer to downtown and searched for a parking spot, I realized that more of the people than not were wondering around in onesies.  We had not been informed that the entire city had been taken over by a onesie bar crawl.  I was a little nervous thinking about the boisterousness of the group, but luckily we were able to completely ignore the insanity.  And let's be honest, it kept us laughing as we moved between locations and noticed the insanity of different onesies people were wearing.

We wondered through quiet back allies and rooftop parking garages.  Each new street brought different textures and colors that made for the perfect backdrop to capture their playful personalities.  Caiti and Steve have a lighthearted, carefree love that keeps them both smiling.  It is the kind of love that is honestly infectious, and made me want to go home and hug my own husband a little tighter.  They have such an amazing impact on one another.  Steve can make Caiti break out into giggles with one word. Caiti gives Steve a sense of peace and calm that made him feel comfortable, even when I was there capturing their every kiss and cuddle.

I am already looking forward to being a part of Caiti and Steve's downtown Detroit wedding.  It is going to be an amazing celebration for two people that were made for each other.  Can't wait to see you two say I do! 

Matt + Danielle

Where do I start with this shoot?  I guess from the very beginning.  Danielle and I attended college together and are actually sorority sisters (AZD!)  Danielle sent me a Facebook message a few months back mentioning she had been following along with my little business and she was planning a northern Michigan wedding for 2017 with her fiancé, Matt.  I was ecstatic when they asked me to capture their wedding day. Danielle mentioned that she would like to do a winter engagement shoot and we set a date in January, that of course, we had to reschedule because there was no snow to be seen.  Thankfully there was a perfect blanket of snow for our rescheduled date in February. 

I met Matt and Danielle at their farmhouse in Marshall and immediately knew why they wanted to do their pictures in Marshall.  They both attended high school there, are renovating a farmhouse there together, and Matt's family has the most incredible cabin there.  When Danielle mentioned the cabin I wasn't sure why she was so excited to use this location.  I hopped in the back of their Jeep, because they didn't think my car could make it on the 2 track, and I quickly realized why she was so excited about the location.  It was perfect!   The rustic cabin (think heated by a wood burning stove) sits in the middle of the woods, surrounded by a majestic river, warn out canoes, and untouched nature as far as you can see.  As if that wasn't good enough, we ended their shoot at their favorite brewery, Dark Horse. 

Now that you know how perfect the setting was for this shoot, it is also important for you to know how incredible this couple is.  From the moment I entered their house we were laughing and joking the entire time.  As I typically do at the beginning of a shoot, I warned Danielle and Matt that they may feel a little uncomfortable cuddling and kissing in front of me at first, but it is all part of the experience.  These two were naturals in front of the camera and couldn't hide how much they wanted to be near each other if they tried!  I loved their playful banter and the way Matt doted on Danielle.

Oh and it would be remiss of me not to mention that puppy!  How insanely cute is that little guy!  I hope you enjoy scrolling through this engagement session as much as I enjoyed capturing it.  I am already counting down the days till I get to have these two in front of the camera again.  Happy planning, Matt and Danielle!

Sam + Abby

Where in the world did time go?! This shoot is from this past fall, and as I was doing some updating to my website I realized- it never got blogged.  And I couldn't let that happen because it quickly became one of my very favorite engagement shoots to date.  Sam and Abby are fellow Albion alums and I was so honored when they called me to snap a few pictures to celebrate their engagement.  I love photographing my fellow Brits! People have asked me before if everyone from Albion ends up marrying someone from Albion and I have to laugh because there is a little truth to it.  I guess we like to stick together! 

I met with Sam and Abby on a gorgeous fall day at the home where Sam grew up.  Yup, he grew up here- so you can cue all of the jealous sighs now!  Sam and Abby share a love for traveling and backpacking, and of course their pup. The thing I noticed most during their shoot was how they laughed together so naturally.  It was so encouraging to witness the lighthearted love they share. Not to mention, I have a soft spot in my heart for guy's who organize shoots for their fiance or family, and Sam was one of those.  I think it's such an awesome display of leadership and willingness to serve your significant other- so Abby is lucky she chose a winner! 

These photographs have me so ready to capture more couples in love.  Thank you for letting me capture your love, Sam and Abby!