Welcome, I am so glad you're here! 

Please take a few minutes to take a look around and get to know me better.  I am so grateful that you are considering me to be your photographer.  I know, as your photographer, you are allowing me to share in life's most special moments with your family and friends- so let's get acquainted! 

My story

As a child when someone asked me what I wanted to be when I got older the answer was always the same- a photographer.  I started photographing with my family's camera as a child and received my very own camera at the age of 12.  From there I worked in a studio, shadowed other photographers, studied photography in college and official launched Caryn Ashley Photography in 2011.  I completely love what I do, and absolutely consider it to be a dream job.

I am married to my perfect other half, Ted.  We celebrated our wedding in 2013 in Northern Michigan and have lived in MetroDetroit ever since.  We love traveling together, tasting craft brews, and spending time with our family and friends.  You can often find him toting my camera bag around and taking pictures of me taking pictures (he is just a little bit of a proud husband.)


Photography style

As a photographer I know I am so blessed to share in the special moments of your life. I am grateful for your willingness to let me into your family, if for an hour during a family photo session in the park or on the day you marry the love of your life. My goal is to provide images that capture not only time and place, but most importantly emotions. My hope is to blend into the canvas of your family and become an essential part of all your family's most important events and milestones.

Wedding photography

My job at your wedding is to be both a photographer and a coordinator.  To help keep your day moving along the timeline we create together and then to blend seamlessly into that day.  My goal is to allow you to be fully involved in making memories on your wedding and then to capture those memories.  The big ones from walking down the aisle, to your first dance, and all of the little (yet unforgettable) moments in-between.  

A little warning- there is one thing you should know about me. I cry at weddings. Yup, all of them! Not a sob, make a scene cry, just a few glistening tears cry.  I think weddings are the most cherished day of your life.  The moment you commit to spend your life with the person of your dreams, and then you shout it from the rooftops that you found your person, and then get to celebrate with everyone you hold most dear.  Oh goodness- I love it! 

A few more things about me . . . 

My favorite food is sushi and I think every meal should end with ice cream.  I come from a huge family and absolutely adore it, especially my role as aunt. We are blessed with an amazing group of friends that make life a little more wild and exciting.  When I am not working or spending time with family and friends my favorite thing is to plan adventures.  Quickly after getting married, Ted and I realized we love traveling and exploring and we haven't stopped since. My favorite destination so far has been Italy.  Closer to home I love exploring the beaches along the Great Lakes. We promised each other every year we would visit the U.P. (Ted's favorite) and NYC (my favorite.)  I drink an outrageous amount of coffee and paint way too much in our house gold.  I love Jesus, being a wife, hiking and anything outdoors.  What are your favorites?